Autonio: A Decentralized AI Trading Platform for Crypto Assets

Autonio is a decentralized AI trading platform for crypto-assets that allows for low-maintenance crypto trading and sharing of optimal strategies between users. The NIO token sale begins September 22, 2017.

North Korea Amassing Cryptocurrencies Following UN Sanctions

On Sep. 11, 2017, Cybersecurity firm FireEye issued a report that suggests North Korea is employing its cyber espionage capabilities to target cryptocurrency exchanges to grow the state’s funds amidst steep UN sanctions.

Blockstream Satellite Set to Provide Global Access to the Bitcoin Network

On August, 15, 2017, leading blockchain developer group Blockstream announced plans for a satellite network that will broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain from orbit, greatly increasing global accessibility and mass adoption.

LakeBanker: Bringing Financial Services to All through Crowd-Banking

This spin-off of the LakeBTC cryptocurrency exchange seeks to challenge the traditional banking model by using a peer-to-peer alternative, "crowd-banking," bringing financial services within reach of anyone with access to a smartphone.

Lampix Platform for Augmented Reality Smart Surfaces Begins Token Sale

August 9, 2017: Lampix seeks to create a robust, decentralized image database for augmented reality devices and applications.


The Disaster Economy: Sustainable Solutions to the Unpredictable

It has been a strange and terrifying week on Planet Texas. A little over a week after Trump rolled back the Federal Flood Risk...

Planning for the Unforeseeable: Will your crypto be unclaimed when you’re...

Having a financial  plan can help you ensure that your family has enough money, your assets go to the right people and avoid unnecessary taxation. Unlike like traditional assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and savings accounts,  no bank or government entity can help your family claim ownership.

Bitcoin Cash, or How to Create $10 Billion in an Afternoon

It has been a couple weeks since the Bitcoin Cash fork, the difficulty rate is starting to adjust to a more long term level....

Humaniq and LakeBanker: A Comparative Analysis

Both of these endeavors are seeking to break people out of seclusion from financial services. This is a rundown of the different methodologies each project employs to fix a global, dire problem.

Details of the Tokenverse (TOV) Release

At noon CT (US Central Time) on August 15, 2017, we will take a snapshot of all holders of Embers (MBRS) on the Ethereum...