Trump Signs Space Policy Directive for NASA to Return Humans to the Moon

Trump Signs Space Policy Directive for NASA to Return Humans to the Moon

On December 11, 2017, President Trump signed “Space Policy Directive 1,” intended to galvanize NASA and the American commercial space industry to establish a lunar presence and a path to Mars.
Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Community Gives Back to One of its Own

One of Bitcoin’s most passionate evangelists, Andreas Antonopoulos, has received over 50 BTC in donations after revealing his lack of assumed BTC wealth and just recent climb out of debt on Twitter.

DeepMind’s AI Takes Only Four Hours to Become Undisputed Chess Master of the World

In 1997, IBM’s chess-playing computer, Deep Blue, shocked the world by defeating the reigning human...

Facebook Rolls Out Artificial Intelligence to Identify Suicidal Users

Facebook announced last week that as part of their ongoing effort to help people build...

Russia Will Not Agree to Ban on “Killer Robots”

While at least 22 United Nations member states have voiced an interest in forming a...


Wallets, Exchanges, and Attack Vectors – How Should You Store Your...

  Word Origin and History for "wallet" late 14c., "bag, knapsack," of uncertain origin, probably from Old French,perhaps from Proto-Germanic *wal-...

MERGE! 2017: A Seat at the Roundtable

MERGE! 2017: A Seat at the Roundtable
  Revolutions start in small rooms, and several of these rooms were set aside in a corner of the Orlando Marriott World Center in mid-October....

Will Artificial Intelligence Help or Destroy us?

Elon Musk, serial entrepreneur and innovator, can’t be accused of thinking small. his vision has been instrumental in rethinking the ways we travel to...

Of Robots and AI

Of Robots and AI
Today, in November 2017, robots are real. They are amongst us. We hardly notice them because, for the most part, they look like machines. Search for robots and artificial intelligence and you’ll be inundated with articles warning about the dangers of both as well as articles extolling the virtues of both.

The Inevitable Dangers of a Real Crypto Revolution

The Inevitable Dangers of a Real Crypto Revolution
Of the many revolutionary aspects of Bitcoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, one of the most significant is the financial freedom from government control that...

MERGE! 2017: Silence in Disney World

Silence in Disney World: MERGE! 2017
The Orwellian predictions are getting a bit nauseating, but they’re difficult to avoid. The internet hasn’t saved the world, and so far the complexity...



Tokenverse Interview with Authoreon CEO Chris Heinze

A conversation with Authoreon CEO Chris Heinze about the project, it's unique architecture, goals, and the upcoming tokensale beginning August 19th.