Technology is so interwoven with our society that it is difficult to think of one without the other. Despite having this intimate relationship with our technology, we lack a clear understanding of what it is our how it will affect us down the road.

There are emerging technologies that will change society in meaningful ways: how we work, how we travel, how we interact/transact with each other, how we live.

Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Virtual/Augmented Reality. Robotics. Autonomous transport. Space exploration. Medicine. Sustainability.

Tokenverse is the first site of a planned syndication network. Each site on this network will have a certain verve and specialty that will appeal to certain spheres in the technological space. As the network grows, the content feeds will grow and diversify, making it an excellent source for visitors to tune into the goings-on of an accelerating time and for projects and endeavors to effectively signal-boost their work.

The goal of Tokenverse is to bring some clarity to this space for the benefit of the layman. We accommodate a broad spectrum of experience and understanding in these industries. We will track projects in the works, interview the movers and shakers, publish news and observations, provide a knowledge base, prototype futures, and ultimately help end users navigate this expanding and exciting space.


Founder & Director of Research and Development at Embermine, Inc. / Editor-in-Chief at Tokenverse
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