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The Disaster Economy: Sustainable Solutions to the Unpredictable

Disaster Economies: Is a Sustainable Solution Possible?
It has been a strange and terrifying week on Planet Texas. A little over a week after Trump rolled back the Federal Flood Risk Mitigation Standard, a hurricane named Harvey - administered by a politically indifferent Mother Nature - painfully demonstrated the need for...

Building Blocks: The Idea Blockchains are Built On

The breakthrough in accounting that led to the viability of cryptocurrency.

Centralization and Power in the Land of the Free

Centralization and Power in the Land of the Free
The effects of power on our society are burdensome and corrosive, and Brutus might have some insight on the solution.

The McAfee Wager

John McAfee
John McAfee bets on $500,000 BTC price by July 2020.

The Future, Now

The economy is a strange and terrifying reality for the 'Millennial' Generation, which direction points to progress?