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Founder & Director of Research and Development at Embermine, Inc. / Managing Editor at Tokenverse

Mr. Robot: Cryptocurrency at the Extremes of Culture

Mr. Robot
Bitcoin has a not-so-subtle presence throughout Mr. Robot season two. So what does this say about the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications in our lives?

Hash Rush: Cryptocurrency Mining Video Game

Hash Rush Cryptocurrency Mining Game
  With the massive success of mobile games such as Clash of Clans, whose developer, Supercell, netted $2.3 billion of revenue in 2015, the mobile games market has become incredibly profitable and competitive in recent years. Most of these games follow the freemium model whereby players...

SEC Declares the DAO was a Securities Offering

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
July 25, 2017: The SEC released an investigative report concluding that the DAO’s token issuance ran afoul of U.S. federal securities laws.

$30 Million Stolen in Parity Multi-Sig Wallet Hack

$30 Million Parity Multi-Sig Wallet Hack
On July 19, a hacker exploited a particular bug in the Parity multi-sig wallet, draining three large accounts to a total of $30 million worth of Ether and ERC-20 tokens. Multi-sig wallets are digital wallets for storing digital currencies in which the funds can only...

Russia Drafting Framework for Legalizing ICOs

Russia Drafting Framework for Legalizing ICOs
A bill is currently in the works which will outline a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses as well as the legalization of ICOs.

Po.et Announces Crowdsale for Creative Asset Ledger Platform

Po.et Shared Ledger for Digital Creative Assets
The Po.et platform seeks to provide content creators and publishers alike the ability to record and verify ownership attribution and validation of digital content on the Bitcoin network.

Tezos Breaks Records with $200 million Crowdsale

tezos self-amending cryptographic ledger
Tezos raised over $200 million of crypto-assets in ten days for the development of a new blockchain.

CoinDash Crowdsale Hack Exceeds $10 Million

Project Crowdsale Hacked
On July 17th, CoinDash, a startup whose platform combines a social network with a marketplace for crypto-asset traders, was hacked during their initial coin offering (ICO), or token sale, with the theft now exceeding $10 million of ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. The...

Moving Towards an Age of Value

To understand the past, we tend to parse it out into eras or ages: The Renaissance, The Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Reason, etc. These are not real events, but rather retrospective measures of a distinct cultural consciousness whether it be in economics or the...

How to: Ether Delta Exchange

Ether Delta Decentralized Exchange
Ether Delta is a decentralized exchange run entirely on smart contracts, thereby reducing counter-party risk intrinsic to centralized exchanges. You can buy and sell Ethereum as well as other ERC-20 standard tokens. You can download our guide to getting started here, or take a look below.