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Founder & Director of Research and Development at Embermine, Inc. / Managing Editor at Tokenverse

Decentraland Aims to Secure Ownership and Agency in Virtual Worlds

Virtual reality
Decentraland will provide users a means to acquire and manage plots of virtual space and own the content and value that is generated in an Ethereum-powered virtual world.

Collective Social Activism with Hive Commons

Hive Commons Collective Social Activism Platform
On July 4th, Luke Duncan introduced  Hive Commons, a decentralized social activism platform emphasizing the use of emerging technologies for the public good.

Mercedes-Benz and Ford to Implement Blockchain Tech

The past week saw two notable developments in the automotive industry concerning blockchain technology.

DECENT Launches Beta for Decentralized Content Distribution Platform

DECENT intends to give content creators of digital media a secure and efficient means to publish their work in a community-driven network.

Why You Should Care About Blockchain and “Crypto”

If you are new to this space, then you probably do not have any idea what the hell the above terms mean. It’s important to unpack these two since the first is primarily an under-the-surface technology and the second is a popular umbrella term for the technology itself as well as the numerous facets and uses that have developed around it. First is tech. Second is the culture around the tech.