Some things that I probably give a better probability of happening than most. Even if they don’t all come to fruition they reflect where I think the overall industry is going. Let’s all see how silly I look 365 days from now.

  1. Bitcoin will touch 6 digits at one point.
  2. One of the current top 5 crypto exchanges will suffer a severe hack, losing millions of dollars in assets.
  3. At least one of the projects that raised over $100m last year will fail spectacularly.
  4. A coin that is not on coinmarketcap now (and is not a bitcoin fork) will break the top 5 in market cap.
  5. A sovereign nation (likely with a population smaller than New York) will announce plans to move to a digital currency.
  6. A decentralized peer to peer exchange will reach top 5 in daily volume for crypto only exchanges.
  7. Bitcoin options will begin trading and will help create a decrease in volatility compared to 2017.
  8. A crypto-funded political group will arise and start backing candidates in the US midterm elections (there will also be crypto-lobbyists).
  9. There will be a major crypto-merger where two teams/tokens/companies merge.
  10. Not only will a bitcoin ETF be approved but there will also be a crypto portfolio (Think Top X tokens) tracking ETF approved for trading in the US.

Happy New Year! and may 2018 be the crypto-iest year of all!



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