I fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole last fall, dove into altcoins in the beginning of 2017, and by the spring I was telling anyone who would listen about the wonders of cryptocurrencies.  I started writing about projects I found interesting as a way to provide information to a larger group of friends and family even if they weren’t particularly well versed in the world of crypto.  I hope other folks find some utility and hopefully a little entertainment in my articles.  

About Me and My Blog

I was an economics and philosophy double major in college before I realized those two disciplines would ever actually meld in a meaningful or practical way.  When reading the Bitcoin whitepaper last year I was struck by how it used the philosophy (game theory) and the economics (value transfer) enabled by technology to provide an exceptionally well balanced and decentralized system.  No one can say what Bitcoin is “for”, but if the past couple years are any indication it is obvious that there are myriad valuable applications and we are just starting to scratch the surface.

I have spent my whole career in fintech – 10 years in consulting and professional services roles at a company providing an investment suite to hedge funds and asset managers then recently joining the deployment team of a growing software company providing a white label solution to consumer lending companies mainly focused on the mortgage industry.  Having worked closely with hedge funds throughout the ’08 crisis and the recovery, I have seen the highs and lows of regulation and financial systems.  Bitcoin and other blockchain solutions offer a better way – building a system where incentives align the interests of participants and making removing the need for centralized regulation.  We are still early and there are a lot of great problems being created and solved every day, so there is never a shortage of inspiration.  Opinions swing wildly across and amongst teams, often around dense and very technical topics.  I believe there are generally much more practical and approachable answers available somewhere in the middle – that is what I look for.


In my blog I hope to offer a couple things:

  • An accessible way to understand crypto projects:  Keep things high level, find some good analogies.  I initially started writing for friends and family and would like to maintain some of that accessibility.
  • A unique perspective:  Major announcements and popular ICOs are covered ad-nauseam.  Unless I feel that an important perspective is missing from the dialogue I will focus on more fringe fringe or forgotten topics.
  • Humor: If you’re learning, you may as well have a laugh. There should be a reasonable word-to-gif ratio.
  • Recommendations for other media: I would rather rely on experts and direct people to in-depth content.  Podcasts, books, articles – either crypto focused or something that helps provide some outside perspective.



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