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I wrote a short step-by-step guide for transferring ERC20-compatible tokens like MBRS using MyEtherWallet.com on the Metamask platform to help everyone who was having issues with this. ¬†I have included a video to make it extra easy. Hope it helps ūüôā

The reason for this tutorial is because right now Metamask does not allow you to send your ERC20 tokens to another account. You can only send your ether but no other tokens. Presumably, Metamask or another competing service would make it much easier to do so in the very near future; however, for now it is a barrier for the growth our network through wider distribution and ownership. To help spread the joy and profit of crypto, follow these instructions to transfer your ERC20-compatible token to any Ethereum address using your existing Metamask wallet.


–> First of all, as you probably know, ether (ETH) is fuel for all tokens using the Ethereum platform, so you will need some ETH to do any transfers. For those of you who are based in the US, like myself, Coinbase is a good option. They can be slow and at times unresponsive but they are reputable and is a safe choice.

Here is a link to sign up: https://www.coinbase.com/join

****Always make sure that you are accessing the website you intend to and that the SECURE lock is present before you input in any credentials!****


–> After you have some ETH – Download METAMask

The Tutorial to download and use Metamask is article here: http://www.tokenverse.com/tutorial/how-to-download-and-set-up-metamask-and-add-mbrs-to-your-wallet/

Also here is our article for how to trade your MBRS: http://www.tokenverse.com/tutorial/how-to-download-and-set-up-metamask-and-add-mbrs-to-your-wallet/


–> Okay, now that you have Metamask – go to: MyEtherWallet.com

As you can see, so long as you have an Ether address, you can sync it with your MyEtherWallet. That means you can use any wallet you have already.  


For our purpose here we will be using Metamask.

Make sure you are logged into the Metamask account you want to access. When you are on this screen – do not change your Metamask account or your transaction will not go through.


You will then be taken to a page with your wallet displayed with your balances.


From there you can send your ether to other people as you would on your Metamask. Now if not all your ERC20 coins are listed on your MyEtherWallet, as many of the newer tokens will not be, scroll down to the right hand side and manually input their specification. MBRS will be added soon but at the time of this writing MBRS will need to be added manually.


You’ll see a box similar to this:

Make sure to turn off your ad blocker when you are adding your custom token because it may not go through otherwise – due to the cache interference it causes (my guess).


–> Now, all you need to do is find the smart contract that corresponds to your ERC20 token… and for that, you will need the ETH-explorer tool:

Whether you are looking for the smart contract or just interested in how a blockchain on the Ethereum network is doing, Ethplorer is a great place to start.


Simply search the token name or its acronym.

For example, for Embermine Tokens, you can search Embers or their acronym, (MBRS). Click on the correct name in the search bar and it will take you to the MBRS information page.


Always ensure you have the correct Ethplorer profile up. You can easily do that by visiting the website dedicated to the Ethereum blockchain and verifying it there: Etherscan.io


You will see a page with a smart contract address, a chart and some other text information. We are here to grab the smart contract address so you can manually add it on MyEtherWallet.

Now copy the smart contract address.

Now return to MyEtherWallet and access it with your Metamask account. Return to the manual input for tokens and add:

  • Address:¬†0x386467F1f3ddbE832448650418311a479EECFC57
  • Symbol: MBRS
  • Decimals: 0

Now you have the MBRS tokens added to your MyEtherWallet. Make sure you have them selected when you send. You do not need a special address to receive your MBRS tokens. You may send any ERC20 tokens like MBRS to Ethereum wallet.


Voila! You now know  how to send any ERC20 tokens.

Repeat for any token you wish to transfer.


Regarding Ethplorer:

Along with getting the necessary smart contract addresses we need to transfer our ERC20 tokens, Ethplorer is wonderful resource that you may want to bookmark and return to.

You will use it to gather basic information such as project aims and official channels.

You may also use it to monitor the health of a network by checking its historical charts and activity level.

You can also check funds transferred to an account and more.. Make sure you check this tool out for yourself. 


*ALSO if you read the EtherDelta guide, you know that you can also use the Etherdelta smart contract exchange to transfer your MRBS and other ERC20 tokens to another wallet. However it will not work if both Ethereum address come from the same Metamask account – the way outlined in this tutorial is the only definite way I know how to to do this for now.



Hope this helped everyone who had any questions about this particular thing – I know it was some trouble my friends in ¬†the MBRS community. Please let me know if there’s anything else you encountered that helped out or that you think others should watch out for. Leave me a comment below.

****By the way, if anyone finds this useful and wants to donate, my ETH ADDRESS is 0xFd42a74c77bCF5fd8BB4C4c52CB201B987F975C7


Thank you for your reading and your support.





Lastly, a reminder that…….



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