Planning for the Unforeseeable: Will your wallet be unclaimed when you’re not around?
Having a financial  plan can help you ensure that your family has enough money, your assets go to the right people and avoid unnecessary taxation. Unlike like traditional assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and savings accounts,  no bank or government entity can help your family claim ownership.
Both of these endeavors are seeking to break people out of seclusion from financial services. This is a rundown of the different methodologies each project employs to fix a global, dire problem.
How to Use Metamask and MyEtherWallet to Transfer Your ERC20 Tokens
A quick guide on how to transfer tokens using Metamask and MyEtherWallet.
It has been a couple weeks since the Bitcoin Cash fork, the difficulty rate is starting to adjust to a more long term level.  Segwit is locked in and implementing soon and it now looks like THIS stage of the scaling debate has come to a conclusion.   A couple things have become clear: Bitcoin Cash isn’t...
  For many people in the crypto world, especially those in the PLU and MBRS commmunity, Etherdelta is our home. It is where many of us first acquired our shares and traded to bring new members to the network. While Etherdelta is not the most streamlined trading platform out there, its peer-to-peer smart contract design is worth mentioning in the...
Mr. Robot
Bitcoin has a not-so-subtle presence throughout Mr. Robot season two. So what does this say about the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications in our lives?
  After writing a couple of how-to tutorials, I realized that writing may not be enough to help those poor souls who are too lazy or fearful to get into crypto. For them and their wallets, I dedicate this how-to video in hopes that their son and daughter, and their son's and daughter's sons and daughters, will have great means...
Masternode and Staking Service (MASS)
Check out for more details Before you invest in any crypto projects, read the whitepaper and see if it speaks to you. Think of it as a rite of passage.  The MASS whitepaper is a relatively quick read and does a pretty good job of laying out the market and approach. Basically there are problems with Proof of Work...
The economy is a strange and terrifying reality for the 'Millennial' Generation, which direction points to progress?
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