At noon CT (US Central Time) on August 15, 2017, we will take a snapshot of all holders of Embers (MBRS) on the Ethereum network. After we take the snapshot, we will begin allocating Tokenverse (TOV) at a 2:1 ratio to the amount of Embers present in the address at the time of the snapshot (NOT EXCHANGE ADDRESSES, but...
“Sell in May and go away” is an old adage on Wall Street related to the historic under-performance of stocks over the summer. During my decade working with hedge funds I can attest to a general lull over the summer as traders got in their Ferraris, portfolio managers summoned their helicopters, and the operations teams crammed on the jitney...
  For many people in the crypto world, especially those in the PLU and MBRS commmunity, Etherdelta is our home. It is where many of us first acquired our shares and traded to bring new members to the network. While Etherdelta is not the most streamlined trading platform out there, its peer-to-peer smart contract design is worth mentioning in the...
Crypto Finance
Observations on crypto-finance: "Don't bet the farm"
Welcome to my new column on Tokenverse.
If you are new to this space, then you probably do not have any idea what the hell the above terms mean. It’s important to unpack these two since the first is primarily an under-the-surface technology and the second is a popular umbrella term for the technology itself as well as the numerous facets and uses that have developed around it. First is tech. Second is the culture around the tech.
The breakthrough in accounting that led to the viability of cryptocurrency.
Both of these endeavors are seeking to break people out of seclusion from financial services. This is a rundown of the different methodologies each project employs to fix a global, dire problem.
Mr. Robot
Bitcoin has a not-so-subtle presence throughout Mr. Robot season two. So what does this say about the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications in our lives?
John McAfee
John McAfee bets on $500,000 BTC price by July 2020.