“Sell in May and go away” is an old adage on Wall Street related to the historic under-performance of stocks over the summer. During my decade working with hedge funds I can attest to a general lull over the summer as traders got in their Ferraris, portfolio managers summoned their helicopters, and the operations teams crammed on the jitney...
Masternode and Staking Service (MASS)
Check out https://mass.cloud/ for more details Before you invest in any crypto projects, read the whitepaper and see if it speaks to you. Think of it as a rite of passage.  The MASS whitepaper is a relatively quick read and does a pretty good job of laying out the market and approach. Basically there are problems with Proof of Work...
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John McAfee
John McAfee bets on $500,000 BTC price by July 2020.
To understand the past, we tend to parse it out into eras or ages: The Renaissance, The Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Reason, etc. These are not real events, but rather retrospective measures of a distinct cultural consciousness whether it be in economics or the arts. Michelangelo did not look up at the Sistine Chapel to see an artifact of...
Crypto Finance
Observations on crypto-finance: "Don't bet the farm"
The economy is a strange and terrifying reality for the 'Millennial' Generation, which direction points to progress?
If you are new to this space, then you probably do not have any idea what the hell the above terms mean. It’s important to unpack these two since the first is primarily an under-the-surface technology and the second is a popular umbrella term for the technology itself as well as the numerous facets and uses that have developed around it. First is tech. Second is the culture around the tech.