Orlando, Florida: Held each year in the Sunshine State, the MERGE! Show hosts several tech conferences at once, “merging” a variety of technological industries and fields, providing a wide-range of learning, networking, and investment opportunities. The technologies present at MERGE! 2017 included various facets of the domain name industry, CMS, SEO, augmented reality, as well as the new and notable inclusion of blockchain startups such as Embermine, Domain Token, Cognate, and Rentberry.  

TokenVerse was there to cover the event. Witnessing the mix of these various technologies and industries–both “old” and new–was one of the highlights of the conference.  


MERGE! 2017: A Seat at the Roundtable

MERGE! 2017: A Seat at the Roundtable
  Revolutions start in small rooms, and several of these rooms were set aside in a corner of the Orlando Marriott World Center in mid-October. Revolutionaries are often aware of how things are, and their gift to society comes from their inquiries on how things...

MERGE! 2017: Silence in Disney World

Silence in Disney World: MERGE! 2017
The Orwellian predictions are getting a bit nauseating, but they’re difficult to avoid. The internet hasn’t saved the world, and so far the complexity of self-learning machines has provoked more fear than hope. Here on the crossroad of dystopia and sustainability, our biggest enemy...