North Korea Amassing Cryptocurrencies Following UN Sanctions

North Korea Amassing Cryptocurrencies Following UN Sanctions

On Sep. 11, 2017, Cybersecurity firm FireEye issued a report that suggests North Korea is employing its cyber espionage capabilities to target cryptocurrency exchanges to grow the state’s funds amidst steep UN sanctions.
Satellites in Orbit

Blockstream Satellite Set to Provide Global Access to the Bitcoin Network

On August, 15, 2017, leading blockchain developer group Blockstream announced plans for a satellite network that will broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain from orbit, greatly increasing global accessibility and mass adoption.

LakeBanker: Bringing Financial Services to All through Crowd-Banking

This spin-off of the LakeBTC cryptocurrency exchange seeks to challenge the traditional banking model by using a peer-to-peer alternative, "crowd-banking," bringing financial services within reach of anyone with access to a smartphone.
Lampix in Action

Lampix Platform for Augmented Reality Smart Surfaces Begins Token Sale

August 9, 2017: Lampix seeks to create a robust, decentralized image database for augmented reality devices and applications.