Cryptocurrency trading is one of the core drivers of the blockchain space’s growth. After all, when every crypto-asset is capable of being transacted on an open market, the movement and circulation of value is only natural. It also serves to distribute an asset to potentially anyone around the world regardless of geography, a quality often overlooked. However, the current practice of trading crypto-assets involves constantly watching the market’s movements. The volatility of this market requires a level of vigilance that few are willing to provide and a level of experience and knowledge that few have cultivated. The goal of Autonio is to “make sense of a chaotic multitude of crypto-assets” with a decentralized trading platform that utilizes user-customized artificially intelligent bots to trade assets on the market. Night and day. Rain or shine.

The platform brings tried and true trading strategies leveraged in diverse markets such as Wall Street, Forex, and high-frequency trading and brings them within reach of the non-technical user. There are virtually no limits to the various strategies given the many parameters that can be set and the current “behavior” of the market at any given time.

“Autonio integrates Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and CryptoTrading, which we believe is the Holy Trinity of NioTrading, a blockchained intelligent trading system,” says Project Lead Ali Raheman.

“With more than $1 billion being traded on a daily basis, a dispassionate AI bot working with human intuition and optimization in a decentralized platform is a quantum leap in human potential.”

So how does a trading novice navigate the market without walking into a Darwinian landscape where only the strongest, or smartest, survive?

By encouraging the share of knowledge through a gamified experience, Autonio users can reward/be rewarded for accessing/providing strategies with the highest performance.

The platform will post a leaderboard of the users with the best stats. The top traders who get a spot on the leaderboard will be rewarded with NIO tokens. Users can also tip NIO to traders or pay a set price as a consultation fee. While NIO tokens help incentivize cooperation, they are also required to access the platform.

“NIO stands for the Nexus of Intelligent Operations. As the name suggests, it aims to be the connecting link between AI operations concerning crypto-assets on a blockchained network. It grants access to a blockchained system that protects and adds value to AI engine-calculated information and makes its secure exchange possible. It’s an ERC 20 token (for the initial release) generated using the GNEISS P2P Ethereum distribution system.”

NIO will be used to securely trade algorithms and optimizations, receive or offer trading consultancy, access the platform, and reward the most profitable strategies.

Token Distribution Details:

Platform: Ethereum ERC 20 Token (initial phase)
Token ticker symbol: NIO
Total NIO tokens= 256,000,000
Tokens sold in token sale= 179,200,000
Founder tokens locked in period = 180 days
Hardcap = $10 million or 34,500 ETH
Presale date = September 15, 2017
Presale bonus tokens = 35%
Token sale start date = September 22, 2017
Deadline = October 22, 2017
Price of 1 NIO token in ETH= 0.00019252232 ETH


“We have chosen Ethereum as the platform for the reliability and strength of its network. Ethereum smart contracts will allow ease of integrating ERC 20 tokens as utility tokens within the Autonio application connecting the trading interface built on PHP, Javascript, with Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity. In the initial release, the platform works as a p2p software/app/service where the bot runs locally. The AI engine and all in-platform transactions including powering the bot, buying/selling/sharing of AI optimisations and computation of leaderboard works on our blockchained network. Our decentralized network ensures immutable, safe, and secure transactions using smart contracts. Any updates to the bot will be through this network, ensuring protection of the platform from outside attack.

Investors and users can expect major announcements about the architecture of this network soon.”

Automated Nexus of Intelligent Operations (Autonio) is an AI powered robot and a platform for AI optimisations trading as the initial version, but it aims to be the connecting link between a blockchained intelligent network and the world of crypto-assets.

“The network will encourage third-party developers to build upon and integrate with Autonio. We have a bounty set for devs as incentive to build applications on this blockchained network and/or utilise our AI engine making Autonio the universal platform for undertaking intelligent operations. Hence we call the platform token the Nexus of Intelligent Operations or NIO.”

The future of Autonio is promising. It can be the first decentralized AI powered exchange that is simplified to the point where anybody can utilise the power of AI and still offer professional quality service.

The Team

Michael Morton (CEO & Founder, GNEISS):

Michael Morton is a philosophical thinker and idealist working on a business model that will usher in a new era of free market crypto-assetsMichael worked as a senior trading analyst at Ethereum Labs. His grip and expertise on trade markets, algorithms, AI, and robotics will ensure a platform that not only features a cutting edge advanced AI engine for the platform but also reinforces the values of a universal Ethereum peer-to-peer smart contract asset exchange, GNEISS. His vision provides an efficient entry link between the crypto realm and the gigantic sector of the finance industry, Wall Street.

Parth Darji (NYU Graduate):

Parth’s combination of entrepreneurial and tech development experience makes him a valuable member of the team. Having worked with Ali on two successful startups, the collaboration works flawlessly, keeping the development operations in order.
He is leading a startup incubated by BoostVC in Silicon Valley. His developmental network has helped and promises to be of value in building the technology and ensuring its smooth administration.

James Drake (CEO of Embermine, creative thinker, futurist, blockchain enthusiast):

James brings invaluable experience to the team with his technical advice and contribution in development of our combined vision. With an imminent partnership with Embermine, our team’s capabilities and efficiency extend to the already established and robust Embermine team. The biggest contribution and inspiration to ensure a disruptive, valuable and transparent platform comes from the underlying values and fundamentals of Embermine. This partnership could prove to bring a service that’s truly decentralized, powerfully intelligent, and most importantly empowering.

Mohideen Zakaria:

Mohideen is an innovative thinker and serial entrepreneur who was vital in the conception and development of the technology architecture in the nascent stages of the project’s development.

“We’ve formed a team that truly believes in the power of decentralized systems that aims to provide a secure distributed ecosystem bringing about a lifestyle transformation promising to empower society as a whole.”

The team is led by Ali Raheman, a young serial entrepreneur with an impressive pedigree ranging from blockchain, smart contracts, to artificial intelligence as well as multiple patents on medicine and various technologies.

Autonio will be accessible on web browser, desktop, and mobile platforms.

The NIO token sale will begin on Sep. 22.

Press Release

For more information on Autonio, the vision, and the token sale, please visit their website. You can also do a test run on the platform to see how it works. 



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