Autonio is a project that has the ambitious goal of making cryptocurrency trading a more sane and accessible endeavor. Since its launch back in December, the team has been building upon the platform by improving performance, adding more exchange functionality, and working on a mobile version of the app. On February 28, 2018, the team launched the Android version of the platform, fitting autonomous trading capabilities within the palm of one’s hand and making it the first mobile trading bot for crypto-assets.

The current model of the seasoned crypto-asset trader is someone who obsessively watches the market to find and implement the right strategies in real time. This is a high risk/high reward affair that is expensive in the universal resources of one’s time and emotional well-being.

Autonio allows users to customize and implement trading algorithms using up to 20 technical indicators used in trading systems around the world, dozens of asset pairings, and custom intervals ranging from one minute to one day. The application also allows for backtesting strategies before live trading.

The subscription fee is $50 of NIO tokens a month, which makes Autonio very accessible to prospective users compared to more costly trading bot platforms.  

One of the common barriers to cryptocurrency trading is the steep learning curve of learning how to read the market and design trading strategies to traverse it. Autonio will address this by allowing traders to sell strategies (that generate at least 10% returns) to one another in the upcoming algorithm marketplace. With leaderboards in the mix, there is a potent combination of gamification and knowledge sharing that creates a more even playing field for Autonio traders.

One of the more ambitious ideas is to not only use static algorithms but to later introduce algorithms which adapt to changing market conditions (genetic algorithms), a feature that will open up an altogether new terrain of trading capabilities in the accelerating cryptocurrency market.

The app is currently compatible with five exchanges via APIs with the team currently working on bringing the intelligent trading system to two decentralized exchanges, Bitshares and CryptoBridge, another first for the industry.



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