One of Bitcoin’s most passionate evangelists, Andreas Antonopoulos, has received over 50 BTC in donations after revealing his lack of assumed BTC wealth and just recent climb out of debt on Twitter.

At its core, Bitcoin is an emergent phenomenon that started with the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto posting his/her proposal for a peer-to-peer digital cash system on a cryptography mailing system. The software was not developed or ushered into the world to any degree of fanfare. It did not really receive much entrepreneurial attention until nearly two years after the network went live. It was the work of dedicated developers, early supporters, and evangelists that brought Bitcoin to the attention of the world, not a marketing firm tasked with selling a software product.

One of these individual vanguards is author and commentator Andreas Antonopoulos, whose many presentations, Q&As, and books on the subject of Bitcoin has undoubtedly contributed to bringing in more supporters and interest into the space.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Roger Ver, who became known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his work in promoting the technology in its early days, criticized Andreas Antonopoulos for his Patreon account, citing that even a few hundred dollars of Bitcoin bought in 2013 would make Antonopoulos a millionaire today:

Andreas rebutted by saying that he had invested, but chose to sell his bitcoin in 2013 to pay rent and support his family.

This exchange prompted the community to donate to Antonopoulos to thank him for his incredible efforts in educating businesses and the populace about the merits of the technology. The result has been an amazing act of generosity from the community with nearly 60 BTC raised. At current market rate and the donations still coming in, Antonopoulos might very well become a bitcoin millionaire.

Antonopoulos expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the community in a couple of Twitter posts, but it is clear that the generosity is overwhelming:

Antonopoulos has not been preaching and teaching Bitcoin for the money but because he believes the technology can help change the world for the better.

And there is still much work to be done.

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  1. If anyone in the BTC community deserves it, it’s Andreas. His enthusiasm and passion help inspire me and many others to join the revolution.


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