Embermine Inc., a tech startup based out of Lincoln, NE, is planning a reveal of the full project vision and development roadmap of their flagship project, a decentralized platform designed to provide agency and sustainability to creative individuals. 

Blockchain may have entered the scene with Satoshi Nakamoto’s reveal of the Bitcoin protocol on October 31, 2008, but this distributed ledger technology–a neutral, shared source of truth amongst network participants–has become a technology of interest in all manner of industries from finance, supply chains, to the creative markets.

Nebraska-based startup, Embermine Inc., whose origin began with a dissatisfaction with the current standards of creative collaboration and commerce, has been actively researching and developing a solution for the plight of creative entrepreneurs, who encounter many points of friction within the creative process, from collaboration to distribution, and see much of the value they create absorbed by centralized e-commerce giants like Amazon and Apple. The Embermine Platform utilizes a blockchain base layer in conjunction with smart contracts–or programmed agreements–to create accountable, transparent, and automated business relationships.

The following is an excerpt from their upcoming, updated whitepaper, a brief outline of the platforms key attributes:

1) Presence: pseudonymous social/economic avatars without sacrificing accountability or privacy
2) Connection: the means to utilize one’s social graph to invite collaborators into the network or seek them within
3) Collaboration: implement programmatic agreements and no-nonsense intent clauses between parties to govern and streamline the collaborative process
4) Creation: create crypto-assets/tokens as bearer instruments granting ownership of a wide variety of creative works
5) Distribution: provide a dynamic means to distribute creative assets and leverage network effects
6) Marketplace: a sustainable secondary marketplace in which the circulation of assets produces value for the creators and consumers alike (with the help of algorithmic trading bots)
7) Provenance: maintain connection between creatives and the works they release into the market; IP protection
8) Resilience: a better alternative of digital rights management that combats piracy whilst maintaining connection to the Embermine ecosystem
9) Signal: allow for more meaningful interactions between entities that amplify network presence without paying for leverage
10) Structure: to create a versatile and vibrant economy, we’ve designed a trine-token ecosystem for network access, event/project access, and transactional capability

More details of the Embermine Platform’s design will be covered in the whitepaper to be released between now and November 10th.

Alongside the platform’s whitepaper, the team will also release a paper detailing a framework for a new blockchain protocol: Techne.


Disclosure: I am a Founder of Embermine, Inc. as well as Editor-in-Chief of TokenVerse (a venture within Embermine, Inc.). The above information is intended to be as objective as possible.


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