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DECENT intends to give content creators of digital media a secure and efficient means to publish their work in a community-driven network.

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Blockchain is a technology that allows developers to build platforms and applications that are inclusive and empowering for their users. Sustainable peer-to-peer networks that are truly community-driven and not monopolized by central intermediaries and authorities can be the foundation upon which better systems are built. Enter DECENT.

DECENT is a decentralized content distribution platform that puts content creators in full control of the business end of their work. There will also be a marketplace, DECENTGo, where customers can purchase content directly from the creator through verifiable and secure transactions.

Digital content industry titans such as Amazon and Apple siphon much of the value from content creators. Publishing on Kindle automatically cuts at least 30% or more from the earnings (with high-latency pay periods.) iTunes takes about 30% each time a customer purchases a song. For creators trying to “break” into their respective industry, this allocation of value automatically puts them at a disadvantage.

Initially, all payment transactions will utilize DECENT’s cryptocurrency, DNT, but alternative payment methods will be an option in the future.

Matej Michalko and Matej Boda founded DECENT in 2016 upon realizing that the industry was a clear use case for blockchain.

Notable projects within the same sphere include SingularDTV (television and film), Ujo (music), Resonate (music), Steemit (Reddit/Medium alternative), Yours (Medium alt with Litecoin micropayments), among others.

Projects such as these intend to bring content creators of all sorts into more inclusive networks of value previously unavailable to them.

DECENT successfully held an Initial Coin Offering last summer, raising more than $4 million in Bitcoin.

Their goal is to become the leading media sharing platform by 2020.