With the massive success of mobile games such as Clash of Clans, whose developer, Supercell, netted $2.3 billion of revenue in 2015, the mobile games market has become incredibly profitable and competitive in recent years.

Most of these games follow the freemium model whereby players can play the game for free but also have the option to purchase in-game items or aesthetics. This model is often criticized for its tendency towards a “pay-to-win” schema, but nevertheless it does provide developers significant sources of revenue. Supercell case in point.

Hash Rush seeks to merge the experience of real-time strategy (RTS) games like Clash of Clans with actual cryptocurrency mining. In Clash of Clans, mining yields gold which can be used to purchase armaments, structures, and character classes. There is a unit of value within the context of the game. In Hash Rush, the dynamics of the game are tied to the HR mining pool, giving players a gamified experience of a process usually reserved to teams maintaining these mining farms (or pools). Mining cryptocurrency at scale amounts to maintaining racks of CPUs or graphics cards that provide the processing power necessary to participate in the mining process—far from an experience within reach and understanding of the average gamer.

The team behind Hash Rush is creating an original game world complete with its own lore. Single-player missions will be available to build out the game’s narrative. Players will be able to select from three distinct factions within the Hermeian solar system and compete with one another for resources.

Players can purchase or win unique cards that represent in-game assets that provide certain perks. For example, if a player purchases a miner card, he or she receives the new unit and its unique ID number, granting the player access to 100 kh/s mining power within the HR pool.

From September 13 to October 13, Hash Rush will launch the Rush Coin (RC) which will be used as entry to the game as well as the currency for in-game transactions.

The team is planning to have a minimal viable product with one playable faction ready by October 1st and a series of free downloadable content leading up to the release of the Android/iOS version between December and March.

For more information on the project, check out the team’s Medium page, as well as their website and whitepaper.


Hash Rush image via Hash Rush Twitter page


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