Itching for some KFC, but all you have in your wallet is Bitcoin? If you live in Canada, you’re in luck: for a limited time, KFC Canada is offering the Bitcoin Bucket, and, as the name suggests, you can buy it with Bitcoin. Those living in delivery zones can have it delivered through January 19th. “Trade your Bitcoins for buckets,” says the website, “and invest in something finger-lickin’ good.”

For those interested, the bucket includes 10 original recipe tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, a medium gravy, and two dips. Worried about exchange rate? While you can purchase the bucket with Canadian dollars to avoid the confusion, what’s the fun in that? The KFC website provides real-time updates for their Bitcoin price, keeping up to date with the current market, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally spending a hundred and thirty million dollars on an order, like the first people who ordered food online with Bitcoin did.

Okay, so ordering a bucket of fried chicken isn’t the most revolutionary thing to use cryptocurrency for. But this promotion does point to just how popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have become. Gone are the the days that people publicly mused that Bitcoin was a fraud. In fact, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who last September called Bitcoin exactly that, just announced three days ago that he regrets ever saying it. And it’s not even just Bitcoin breaking through; KFC Canada’s own twitter account suggested  that other cryptocurrencies are in consideration for purchases as well.

That we now have a relatively simple way to use cryptocurrency to purchase tangible products is a sign of the times as well. KFC Canada is working with Bitpay to make it possible, which perhaps can be a model for future Bitcoin transaction models.

But what if you’re not in Canada? What if you’re in, say, Lincoln, Nebraska, and have an appetite and some Bitcoin? Are you out of luck? As it turns out, the popular online ordering service Menufy, used by many restaurants across the United States, has actually been accepting Bitcoin for just under four years. Popular local restaurants using the service include Pho Factory,  Banhwich Cafe, and Boss’ Pizza & Chicken.

How did Menufy become such an early adopter? A spokesperson for the company explained that they discussed adding Bitcoin early on because one of their engineers is “a big cryptocurrency enthusiast.” That’s some impressive forward thinking. And have they seen much change in Bitcoin use lately? They have. While the spokesperson wanted to be clear that Bitcoin payments only account for less than 0.75% of their total orders, they’re certainly up–bitcoin payments have roughly quadrupled over the last twelve months.

So if you’re in Canada, and want some KFC, or in the lower 48 and want…well, quite a range of food, you’re in luck. All you need is crypto.

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