August 9, 2017: Lampix seeks to create a robust, decentralized image database for augmented reality devices and applications.

Many companies, entrepreneurs, and developers around the world see the VR/AR industry as a space set for massive growth. The IDC’s forecast estimates that the combined VR/AR industry could total $143.3 billion by 2020. Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Facebook and Apple, are making big bets on these technologies playing a pivotal role in the evolution of personal computing. Bringing science fiction to life catches our imagination and therefore provides an irresistible profit motive.

Lampix’s goal is to turn any surface into an interactive smart surface. Their vision: “to free humans from digital screens.” Instead of interacting with applications and windows on our phones, virtually any flat surface could become a screen. The Lampix device looks like a lamp with a modern design that can fit into all manner of spaces, but it is able to project interactive images that can be used in many different applications, from interactive restaurant menus to tabletop games. The system has already attracted a long list of interested companies and retailers, giving the project much room to catch on in enterprise use cases.

The team is building the PIX ecosystem, described in the whitepaper as “the first blockchain-based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality and other computer vision systems,” built on the Ethereum network. This decentralized database of images will be available for access and purchase by augmented reality companies all over the world. The database will require millions of images to provide a robust dataset for the “training” of the computer vision and machine learning algorithms that make the interactivity possible.

Prospective image miners can purchase a Lampix device with PIX tokens and receive tokens for their participation. Users who vote on images receive PIX, which they can use to purchase apps built on the Lampix platform. Developers who build these apps will earn PIX.

The PIX token sale kicked off on August 9, 2017. For more information about the project, its goals, and the PIX ecosystem, check out their website and whitepaper.



Lampix image via Lampix CEO George Popescu’s Medium Article



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