August 8, 2017: Idea Token is an experimental project for community-driven brainstorming. IDEA tokens were released to holders of Embers (MBRS), the token of the Embermine ecosystem, at a 2:1 ratio.

Idea Token is a project that seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas in a fun and effective manner using a unit of value called, simply, IDEAs. With the popularity of sites like Quora, there seems to be a clear interest in spaces for people to satisfy their curiosities and questions about certain topics. Idea Token can operate within a similar space of satisfying one’s curiosity, although focused on the formation of ideas rather than answers to queries. Community-driven brainstorming. In the same way exchanges feature bids and asks from traders, Idea Token will feature a user experience that puts emphasis on the content (with the numbers as a secondary feature). Someone can post an idea like casting out a fishing line. The token will be required to partake in the discussion. Penny for your thoughts. This will encourage a focused and healthy dialogue between individuals. One could use this to test an idea to gauge community response. These tokens will act as a metric of an idea’s virality.

While brainstorming is fun, the intent behind this project is to lead to the actualization of ideas that catch on whether they be creative works, software applications, social change, etc. The early development of Bitcoin was facilitated through discussions on forums and cryptography mailing lists, so the possibilities of what can take shape from Idea Token are endless.

Utilizing a novel token distribution method, IDEA tokens were distributed to holders of Embers (MBRS) without a sale or exchange of currency. The project is currently one of three projects that are all components of the developing Embermine ecosystem: Idea Token, Tokenverse, and Domain Token. Each of these projects will feature the same token distribution methodology that will help add short term value to Embers, which will function as seats of a software license once the Embermine Platform reaches minimum viable product. Each of these projects will eventually integrate with the platform, providing a unique function. Idea Token can essentially be a precursor to a project launched and managed on Embermine.


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