On Monday, December 18, the decentralized creative commerce platform Embermine released its updated whitepaper.

Embermine, a startup in Lincoln, Nebraska currently developing a decentralized creative commerce platform, released a revised and comprehensive white paper earlier this week. Embermine, described in the paper as “an earnest attempt at providing creative individuals the tools by which they can achieve security and sustainability in their endeavors,” is the brainchild of cofounders Garrison Breckenridge and James Drake.

creative power image from Embermine website

“The origins of the project,” Breckenridge writes, “are directly tied to using other platforms fraught with unnecessary frictions throughout the collaborative process. With a meaningful digital presence, a network of talents and capabilities, automated contracts, scarce digital assets, and a sustainable secondary marketplace, creative entrepreneurs can focus more on the craft and less on the economic machinery.”  

For a thorough explanation of how Embermine will develop and combine these tools into its complete platform, as well a broader explanation of related ancillary and collaborative projects, read the full paper here on the Embermine website.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research and due diligence before interacting or transacting with any project, company, endeavor, or entity featured or discussed on this site. Full disclosure: Tokenverse is affiliated with Embermine.


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