The TokenVerse website is a project of Embermine, Inc. that was born out of a desire to bring clarity and understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the layman. The project has since pivoted, or bloomed, to include all manner of emergent technology that will shape our daily lives in the not-to-distant future. Our content includes news, editorials, thought pieces, design fiction, and various multimedia such as podcasts and videos.

We provide various signal-boosting services to projects, products, and companies that are bringing these technologies into the world. Whether it be a new decentralized application (Dapp) built on blockchain, a VR experience, or a sustainable energy initiative, we will open our site(s) to projects seeking to communicate their efforts to the world.

Press Releases and Interviews Are Free

Press releases and interviews are intended to provide clear and concise information. We will not publish sales pitches on TokenVerse. We are not a marketing platform. That said, we acknowledge that upcoming funding events (or token generation events such as in the blockchain space) will be subjects of note within the context of a press release or interview. Our focus is on bringing information to the masses, not acting as a marketing entity.

Projects or companies wishing to publish press releases on Tokenverse should email This email should not only include the press release content or interview proposal, but a forward that details the scope and intended user base of the product or service.

TokenVerse and Embermine do not endorse any projects, companies, or endeavors featured on the TokenVerse site. If there are affiliations, then we will provide that disclaimer. Any TokenVerse visitors interested in a featured project or company should do his or her own research and due diligence before using, transacting, or interacting with any of these entities.

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