The intent of Tokenverse is to bring blockchain and crypto within reach and understanding of the everyday person through the content generated by the syndication network. News. Journalism. Podcasts. Essays. Interviews. We want the network to provide a variety of content that can appeal to the widest possible spectrum of visitors.

We will also provide services to projects looking to boost their signal. These include ad space, interviews, listings, etc. We will continue to explore more ways to be of use to the community, and we will always consider any ideas the community proposes.

What will you do in the short term?

One of the first services we will provide is ad space on the Tokenverse site, individual affiliated sites, and the entire network.

How much? What form of payment? US Dollars? Bitcoin?

We decided to launch our own crypto-asset, or token, called TOV, to have a native unit of value for this project and the unique functions that develop within it. We will eventually integrate TOV seamlessly with the site so that upvotes, ratings, donations to contributors, etc. are done with TOV.

What is the exact cost of the advertising packages?

All rates are USD worth of TOV at the current market rate.

One Site Rate:

$400 for top banner front page (rotation of five ads)

$250 for side ad block (rotation of up to 5 ads)

$200 for bottom banner

$300 for one week of daily custom tweets (eight spots)

$300 for one daily ad on our Telegram for a week

We will create the proper ad and optimize it for our system (included in price).

Network Rate: (all prices x5) Network ads begin no later than September 15, all purchases now include all time until then.

What happens after you collect the TOV?

We will split up all the collected revenue in proportionate amounts to the contributors. This follows our philosophy at Embermine, Inc., the company that curates the Tokenverse network. Proper allocation of value for collaborators’ work is a core principle. Eventually, we will operate Tokenverse as a Project on the Embermine Platform, the main venture of Embermine, Inc.

We will collect a pool—largely consisting of TOV—and distribute it according to the following percentages:

Single Site

SALES                                                    20%

PRODUCTION                                       20%

NETWORK                                            20%

SITE/TOKENVERSE                                40%



SALES                                                    20%

PRODUCTION                                       20%

NETWORK                                            40%

SITE/TOKENVERSE                                20%

The reason we proportion it this way is to drive the value of the network while compensating every contributor, whether they are doing sales or creating content for a Tokenverse featured column or associated blog. The goal is for success in one area to benefit the whole.

TOV is an ERC20 standard token on the Ethereum network. Here is the information required to add it to an ERC20 compatible wallet:

Contract Address: 0xAa26B73BFdc80B5c7D2cFBFc30930038FB7FA657

Symbol: TOV

Decimals: 0

If you have any questions about Tokenverse and the services we provide, or simply want to pick our brains about the blockchain/crypto space, send us a message at or join our Telegram channel at